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The Fog of Investing and The Fog of War

Saturday, July 22nd 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM


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A Must See Documentary for All Investors!

Both investing and war are so wickedly complex, it is beyond the human mind to comprehend all of the variables. The confusion the financial media creates surrounding the investing process, creates a dense fog that many investors cannot find their way through. In this class, we clear up the fog for investors.

NAVIGATING THE FOG OF INVESTING is a fascinating documentary that will show you exactly how to avoid the devious and dangerous aspects of investing. All new scenes and updated for 2017, it is an eye-opening look into the foggy world of investing and is aimed at exposing the deceptive nature of the investment media and gurus. This movie gives investors specific guidelines and rules for investing successfully without the guesswork or uncertainty typically accepted as part of the process, and features nearly a dozen financial industry experts that will show you how to avoid the confusion, complexity, and dangers that can cost investors big money.
NAVIGATING THE FOG OF WAR with special guest speaker, Frank Verano. Frank is not only a 99 year old survivor of the bombing of Pearl Harbor (that's right, he was there that day and lived to tell about it. 2,402 Navy personnel and American Citizens were killed that day with 1,282 being wounded. Frank was a survivor! ), he's also a friend, as well as a client. He will be here to share his wisdom and his experiences. He will also share pictures, stories, and discuss the events of Pearl Harbor. Frank frequently speaks at The March Air Force Base and we are so lucky to have him speak to our small group. This is going to be an unforgettable man to meet and an unforgettable class to attend. You don't want to miss this one!

Getting together as a group of investors is powerful and insightful. Learn from the wisdom of the crowd. This is an enlightening, informative, and a once in a lifetime investor coaching class with an unforgettable guest speaker. Don't keep this special event a secret! R.S.V.P. today.

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