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Don't Be Duped! Scams, Fraud, & Shenanigans...
What Every Investor Needs to Know!

Saturday, September 16th 11 AM - 1 PM


Call or email Kara, to reserve your spot today!

Join us with other investors and share your questions, concerns, and wisdom on this important topic. Learn from the wisdom of the crowd. Getting together as a group is powerful and insightful.

In this class, we will be teaching you how to avoid fraud, scams, and the legal deceptions and shenanigans of Wall Street and the financial industry that cost investors literally billions of dollars each year. We will also be teaching simple ways to deter identity theft. We have all new scams to show you from the last 12 months. You might think it's easy to avoid fraud, scams, and deceptions, but the shysters are clever and they dupe even the smartest people. You will leave this class a wiser person. This wisdom is invaluable. This is a class you don't want to miss and will want to share this information with others.

In this class, we are going to teach you how to protect yourself from the sociopaths in the financial industry and about all kinds of fraud, scams, and shenanigans that unsuspecting investors will be tempted by...
- Ponzi Schemes
- The Prediction Con Game
- The latest scams in 2017
- How to be a vigilant investor
- The newsletter scam
- Simple ways to deter I.D. theft
- All kinds of scams and fraud

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