So, When is the Right Time to Panic?

It is never the right time to panic. Long-term destruction comes from panic. Panic feels good immediately. There is a big sense of relief. Thank goodness I'm on the sidelines in cash. And, if the market keeps going down awhile longer, they feel like a genius. But that feeling of relief and genius is short-lived. At some point, when things still look bad, the markets recover, and after a month, a quarter, or a year, the market is above where the investor got out at. 
Now they face a really tough decision. Do they buy back in having missed part of the rally and risk being in for the next correction? Or, do they sit and wait, hoping for the market to come back down, only to potentially find that it just keeps heading higher? Talk about a STRESSFUL way to invest! It's a situation many investors never seriously contemplate, until they have to.
If you have a propensity to panic, ask yourself this question. If I could sleep through the drama of news events and a down market period, and wake up 5 years later, would I behave differently? Of course, but we don't have that luxury. So, we have to stay prudent and diversified, in a portfolio with the acceptable volatility level for our individual preference, so we can stay disciplined.
Why do investors panic? Because fear and pessimism sells. Investors are bombarded with scary headlines whenever markets go down. The fear mongers come out of the woodwork. They make more money off of investors when markets are down, simply by promoting doom and gloom. 
We will show you one of the fear mongers, Howard Ruff. We show you how they do it, how they make investors believe they can forecast a coming crash, and how they scare investors during market downturns. Don't be duped. 

Feel free to share this important video to family and friends. 

Invest intelligently! 
John Borger and Scott Buchanan 


Worst Start Ever January 2016 01/28/16

In this clip, we discuss the downturn of January 2016: 
- See the scary headlines. 
- See the confusing advice for investors all over the internet. 
- See all the downturns since March 2009, the depths, and what happened afterwards. 
- My account is down. Is my portfolio broken? I need to do something. 
- What I am going to do, and what you should do. 
- Why disciplined rebalancing? 
- Did you know that the bonds in our portfolios were up so far in January 2016? 
- We don't own 100% stocks. Never forget this when you see the scary headlines. 
- The two questions you should ask yourself, and be brutally honest. 
- When you are in it, it feels like it will never end, it will. Bad times never last. 
- What happened in 2015? 
- What happened in the first 2 weeks of 2016? 
- Why we own high quality fixed income in the portfolios. 
- How should we deal with uncertainty? 
- Don't be tempted to take on more volatility than you can handle. 
- Learn and know your volatility ranges for any given 1 year period, so you are not "surprised."
- We own these same portfolios, what do you think we are going to do? 
- Minimum holding periods before measuring performance. 
- Time reduces risk. 
- Historically, negative periods of 5 years or more are shockingly low. 
- Our to do list and your to do list. 

Feel free to share this important video to family and friends.
Invest intelligently! 
John Borger and Scott Buchanan 

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